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     Who Are We?

A successful enterprise integration effort realizes the full potential of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM) to transform the way an enterprise operates its business. There are 5 business areas that must be carefully considered to achieve this goal - Financial, Technical, Management, Operations, and Synthesis. Improper execution in one or more of the areas of an enterprise integration effort has the potential to cost the organization millions of dollars in lost revenue and market opportunities.

This is where The Pros From Dover, Inc. (TPFDI) comes in.

TPFDI is an unbiased consulting services organization specializing in enterprise integration, SOA, and BPM solutions. Our principal staff members average more than twenty years experience each, with prior enterprise software integration, SOA, and BPM engagements at major corporations such as AT&T Wireless, Qwest, MCI, FedEx, Jeppesen, and Lockheed-Martin. We are vendor and accounting services neutral, so you will receive objective information on what you need to architect and implement your Enterprise Integration initiative successfully.

     What Do We Offer?

TPFDI offers independent consulting services to organizations who are new to enterprise software integration projects. We also offer for previous or current SOA /BPM Initiatives a quick assessments of your current or proposed SOA implementation(s) using our proprietary methods and tools, as well as in-depth analyses. If there are areas where your organization could improve on Financial, Technical, Managerial or Operational activities, The Pros from Dover, Inc. provides clear and usable information on enhancement and remediation support for your next steps. Since The Pros From Dover, Inc. is not an implementation organization, you can be assured of complete and unbiased recommendations.

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